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26th Jan 2018

The First Ever ‘Good Friday Pub Crawl’ Is Happening In Dublin – Here’s The Suss


Well, well, well. We have been released from our shackles of stockpiling booze for Good Friday and drinking it way too fast in a mate’s house, aching for the good pint of Guinness from the local that has been taken from us for one day. 

Consider this year Great Friday, ‘cos now that the law preventing pubs, clubs and off-licences from serving alcohol on Good Friday was lifted by the Dáil yesterday afternoon, the boozehounds of the nation can officially go mad. 

You can now go on the first ever Good Friday Pub Crawl, organised by Publin, and it sounds CLASS. 

The plan for the crawl is this: through the “prism of the pub you’ll explore Irish culture and history.” The pub crawl guides will also give you a history of the Good Friday prohibition and then toast to its removal.

On the night you’ll visit four pubs, each with a different story to tell. 

Publin crawls aren’t just about the drinking; we’ll try to show you a side of pubs that you haven’t seen or considered before. Before each location they give you a short history of the pub and a few tidbits of stories that should be news even to the most well informed pub goers. 

We’ll raise a glass to that!

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