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03rd Sep 2017

We’re Truly Obsessed With The Latest Addition To Dublin’s Bar Scene


There’s a newcomer to the city’s hangout scene and it’s looking like a fairly fantastic one.

TRAMLINE is a brand new Dublin location “to hangout by day, an event space, a conference centre and a live venue by night” in the heart of Dublin City on Hawkins Street.

It opened officially a few weeks ago, and although there’s still plenty more exciting things to come, we popped down before its opening party for a sneak peek at the place. 

With a capacity of 1,000 people, there’s two separate bar areas and a pizza oven eatery complete with red brick alcoves.

TRAMLINE will be a coffee spot for hot desking and chilling by day, and before you know it the lights have gradually dimmed and the music is banging: it’s full on club time from 11pm.

Here’s what to expect…

The interior design is impressive

Everything here is completely bespoke and handcrafted, right down to light fittings imported from Eastern European railway stations and the Rolls Royce factory. 

The attention to detail is seriously something else. Industrial meets rustic, the red brick brushed with metal adds an über hip New York vibe. 

Just check out the custom designed Luas track sign – complete with Martini…

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TRAMLINE is gonna host live gigs

The guys here have teamed up with Slane Whiskey (which means a high likelihood of special guest after parties after the Slane concert next year!). 
They aim to use TRAMLINE as a platform for up and coming Irish artists, and with a spotlight stage and a sound system that’s the same as the 3Arena, the tunes in here are gonna sound phenomenal.
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Cocktails, coffee or pizza? Ya can have it all

People are more than welcome to hang out here during the day, grab a coffee (250 Square) and use one of the many usb charging points. 
Matzaluna, the eatery area, features an impressive bronze oven that’s going to be shooting out authentic wood fired pizzas all day AND all night long. 

The red brick vaults can be used to chill in during the day and for premium bottle service at night, which is going to be a real highlight of a night out here. 

A bottle of Bombay Sapphire with custom garnish and mixers is a 100 quid and comes with special Bombay glasses. Nice.

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There’s some genius surprises to discover…

While they’ve only just opened their doors and will be rolling out more and more features over the coming months, there’s one thing that has us pretty excited. 
We all know that gals on a night out go into the cubicles at least two at a time, and we’ve all had to wait while our mate used the toilet as we give her all the goss in the cubicle sanctuary.

So TRAMLINE have gone ahead and created a ‘double cubicle’ so ladies can go in at the same time without holding up the queue.

Just think of the gas toilet selfies you’d get in here…

We LOVE it.

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Here’s all the important info:

The place is open (gently) to the public from this evening and will be amping things up as the weeks go on.

Opening hours will be from about noon-2am, and yep, there’s full wheelchair access as well as wheelchair levels at all bar areas.

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Pop down to Hawkins St to say hi, and see what this spot is all about. 

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