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12th Jul 2021

Scrumdiddly’s ice cream to arrive in Penneys

Brian Dillon

Scrumdiddly's ice cream to arrive in Penneys

We all know the story at this stage. We walk in for a pair of socks but we walk out with seven new outfits, new bedsheets, a water bottle, some candles and any other bits that catch our attention. Well, soon we will likely be walking out with an ice cream in hand as well.

One of Dublin’s favourite ice cream parlours, Scrumdiddly’s, is due to set up shop in Penneys. The beloved ice cream spot is arriving in select stores, beginning with Mary Street. It will also arrive in Penneys Swords on July 16th.

Announcing the news on Instagram, they wrote, “We may spend all our wages on the clothes for the rest of the summer but we are so excited to be partnering up with Penneys for the next few months. We are now open in Mary St. Swords will be open on Friday 16th and Killarney at the end of the month.

Prices start at €2.20 for a scoop and go up to €5.50 for bigger treats.

The pop-ups will be in store until the end of September.