The Creme Egg 'Crodough' Is Now A Thing And It Looks Glorious

Well, glorious in an incredibly unhealthy sorta way

Crodough Main

We love when delicious foodstuffs come together to make something so decadent, so wrong, so bold, that they just can't be resisted. 

We've seen it before with the likes of chocolate chip cookie ice cream cones, Guinness floats, and doughnut-topped milkshakes, but the latest beautiful monstrosity to grab our attention is the Creme Egg 'crodough'.

What is the Creme Egg crodough, we hear you ask? An invention of East London's Rinkoffs Bakery to mark Easter, the crodoughs are shaped like doughnuts but made from the pastry of croissants, while Cadbury Creme Egg filling is placed on top and inside the treat. 

Gaze upon it below.

Crodough 1
Crodough 2
Crodough 3
Crodough 4

Us right now.

Heavy Breathing

If you're got friends in England's capital, or you're willing to make the pilgrimage to taste this miraculous sweet thing, Rinkoffs Bakery can be found on Jubilee Street in East London. They'll serve their crodoughs until March 26. 

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