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20th Dec 2016

The Definitive Listing Of Dublin’s Top 10 Places To Get Pizza


Categories don’t come much more hotly contested than this.

But we felt it was finally time we took on one of the most contentious discussion topics of all when it comes to food in Dublin: where’s the best place to get a pizza?

So here, as voted by the Lovin Dublin team (and completely separate from the Dublin’s Finest Pizza category), here are the Top 10 places in Dublin to get a pizza…

10. Big Blue Bus

You’d hardly think that one of the 10 best pizza establishments in the city is based in a bus out the back of a pub – but sure enough, this is the case. Thing is, there’s far more to this pizza than just decent soakage – it’s a quality feed, served in a quality setting.


9. Jamie’s Italian

Yes, it’s a chain – and yes, you’re probably going to be wedged between a silent couple and a toddler throwing his spaghetti on the ground in the midst of a tantrum. But we’d be doing a disservice to pizza lovers if we left it off the list because of that.

The pizzas here are light, flavoursome and crafted with all the skill you’d expect from the man behind the chain. As good as you’ll get from an international chain.


8. Paulie’s

Some might be miffed that this one sits a little low on the list – but the first spot in Ireland to do proper, Neapolitan-style pizza is still a very worthy entrant on the Top 10.


7. Manifesto

The pride of Rathmines – gluten-free options to boot, and possibly the finest sit-in venue on the list.


6. Honest

Speaking of gluten-free… this spot, located upstairs from Honest To Goodness on Dame Court, nails it. And it also does some pretty insane things with those little discs of dough.

The sesame duck pizza, in particular – with roast duck, hoisin sauce, spring onions, sesame seeds and sesame oil – is a real head-scratcher. But it tastes bloody great.


5. Ciao Bella Roma

A little on the traditional side for some of our readers – but this is fresh, simple, and bursting with authentic Italian ingredients. Get in.


4. Basil

A new little spot down by Ringsend that’s as well known for its coffee as it is for its pizza – though that’s perhaps to do a disservice to the main product on show here. Thin, crispy and delish AF.


3. Platform

Not technically in Dublin, sure, but this Bray joint joint has sure made a mark since it opened a couple of years back – one of the few places, of any genre, that are worth a 40-minute train journey from the city centre.


2. Osteria Lucio

Michelin-star cooking, courtesy of the wonderful Ross Lewis, brought to one of the most simple and classic foods of all. Located where Pizza e Porchetta used to be, it’s somehow managed to up the game even on its phenomenal predecessor.

Almost perfect. In fact, the only point working against it is that it’s not…


1. Base

Well. Could it really be anything else?

Absolutely perfect pizza, built around a menu that’s bursting with creativity and executed to perfection – you’d honestly be doing well to get better in Italy.


Have we left something off? A hidden gem, or an underrated classic? Let us know in the comments below, or email us at [email protected] – and next week, we’ll assemble the best of these into a separate article.