This Dublin Café Wants A Doctor's Note Before They'll Serve You Gluten-Free Pancakes

And you'd better be coeliac...

Gluten Free Pancakes

Dublin's most controversial café owner is at it again, telling diners that they'll only be getting the gluten-free option if they can produce hard evidence that they are, in fact, coeliac.

The White Moose Café on North Circular Road has had enough of people "who don't even know what gluten is" following a "fad", and will no longer be catering to them.

It's not the first time The White Moose Café has taken a hard line when it comes to its customers – previous targets include students who're just there to abuse the free wi-fi, and those evil, evil café owner abusers: crying children.

White Moose Cafe Coffee Cup

While asking for a doctor's note might seem a bit extreme, we have to admit we're kind of on their side with this one... Because we can't be the only ones whose mates make lunchtime hella awkward asking for gluten-free sambos, before horsing into a chicken fillet roll after a night out... 

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Written By

Rosemary MacCabe