This New Yoghurt Café Is Now Open On Dawson Street And It Looks Intriguing

Are you looking forward to trying it?

Tang Main

Do you love yoghurt so much that you think entire cafés should be dedicated to it? If you answered 'yes' aloud to your screen, then you're in luck! Cos that's what Tang is.

Yes, it seems Dublin has an insatiable hunger for themed cafés, like Pupp, The Dublin Cookie Co., and the proposed (though unsuccessful) Crazy Cat Café. Why wouldn't there for a yoghurt-focused one as well?

That's what the folks at the George's Arcade frozen yoghurt place Yogism thought anyway when they teamed up with chef Kevin Powell in order create their newest venture.

Since opening a second location on Dawson Street, the froyo experts have been toying with new ideas and now they're moving away from their breakfast-y roots in order to provide something more savoury, while still incorporating yoghurt (since that's kind've their thing).

As they say over on their website,

With a vision to incorporate yoghurt into almost everything we do, it was a natural adventure into Middle Eastern food. There's lots of tzatzik and twists on tzatziki, flavoured yoghurts, citrus, honey, black olive. It’s really nice stuff. 

Take a look at the newly transitioned café below and what's on offer.

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If you're worried about how good for you it is, don't: the yoghurts all supplied by Glenisk in order to keep it as healthy as possible.

You can find Tang at 23c Dawson Street.

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