This Restaurant's 'Notoriously' Spicy Pizza Looks Quite Literally Too Hot To Handle

You'd be better off just going a few rounds in the Octagon with the man himself...


The country's gone mad for the Notorious over the last few days, basking in the glory of the Conor McGregor's 13-second win over José Aldo.

And naturally every brand, company and business in the land has attempted to weigh in on the national feelgood factor – with some doing a slightly better job of it than others.

But we don't need to tell you that.

What we do need to tell you is that Platform Pizza in Bray – which we recently named third in our list of Dublin's best pizzas (despite it technically being a few metres outside the border) – has just unleashed this spicy beast on the world.

And holy God, it looks like a tougher opponent than even the bearded wonder himself.

If you can eat this without a) crying, or b) eating a gallon of yoghurt alongside it, you have our eternal respect.

And according to the restaurant itself, albeit we suspect with tongue in cheek, it's "on the house if you can down it in less than 13 seconds."


As bandwagon-hopping goes, it hardly gets much tastier than this.

Written By

Aidan Coughlan