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30th Apr 2018

This Wine-Tasting Dinner In Town Is The Perfect Mid-Week Treat

Megan Cassidy

We’ve been cooped up inside for what feels like forever – it’s time to get out and about and make the most of the sunny weather. 

With that in mind we’ve been hunting for the best treats to enjoy in the city, and this wine-tasting dinner at The Riddler this Wednesday (May 9) is top of our list. 

With a five course tasting menu carefully paired with hand-picked wines chosen from the finest vineyards of Spain, Italy and Australia, it promises to be a delicious dining experience and you’ll learn a thing or two about wine as you dine too. 

The tasting menu, designed by head chef Artur Garwin, will start with an amuse-bouche served with Santa Chiara frizzante prosecco followed by an Irish crab meat salad accompanied by Palazzi Pinot Grigio. 

Next on the menu is Irish hake matched with La Marimorena, a fresh and citrusy albariño from O Rosal sub-region of Rias Baixas. Scarlet Heifer’s award winning rump of beef will be paired with Angus cabernet sauvignon from Central Victoria which is exclusive to Riddler and to finish guests will enjoy a white chocolate mousse paired with dessert wine from the vineyards of De Bortoli Deen in Australia.

Sounds like heaven. 

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