Three Places To Grab A Delish On-The-Go Breakfast This Morning

Three great spots to grab anything from crepes or coffee to cold-pressed juices

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You wake up. You shower. You get dressed. You eat breakfast.

Oh wait.

The bread has gone mouldy and your housemate has taken the last of your butter... again.

I guess you're getting breakfast before work then?

Here are three spots to grab a really tasty and super quick breakfast this morning.

1. Lemon, South William Street/Dawson Street

Every so often you can validate a Lemon. It's pricey but it's delicious.

There's sweet and savoury crepes, waffles, sandwiches, toast and scones to choose from.

And their coffee is worth checking out too.

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2. Coffee Angel, South Anne Street/Nassau Street/Pembroke Street Lower/Trinity Street

Some of the best coffee in Dublin, without a doubt, served by really friendly staff and also some cracking fruit scones to have on the side.

Great for morning meetings if you are time-conscious!

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3. Sprout, Dawson Street

Now most know Sprout & Co as a lunch spot but they serve really wholesome breakfasts too. My favourite is their granola. Amazing coffee to go aswell!

They also have juices too if you're watching the ould caffeine intake.

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