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20th Dec 2016

We Checked Out The Dylan’s New ‘Chocolate Afternoon Tea’ – And Good God, It’s Chocolatey


Good news if you’re a human being with tastebuds: Chocolate Afternoon Tea is now a thing, and it’s in Dublin.

It probably shouldn’t have taken humanity quite this long to come up with the idea of combining the two finest things in life, of course – but hey, we’re the species that took thousands of years to develop the selfie stick, so really we’re doing well by just existing in the first place.

It’s running every day at The Dylan Hotel from midday up until 5pm, starting from this weekend and running until April 3 – and we went along yesterday to check out if it’s really as good as it sounds…

What’s on the menu?


Chocolate. And more chocolate.

And to finish, a bit of chocolate.

Even in the savoury section?

Yup. Even in the ‘savoury’ section – there’s a duck paté served on a chocolate brioche.

Chocolate brioche!

What does it all look like?

Why, like happiness of course.

And that chocolate tier looks so good you hardly want to eat it. Or touch it.

Just look at it.


Anything else?

It’s running until April 3, and the cost is €40 per person – not the cheapest, but not the steepest either.

And boy, do you come out feeling full – the food is seriously abundant, and seriously rich.

So rich, in fact, that you’d be as well off picking at the treats you really want, and taking the rest in a doggy bag. Because there ain’t no leaving any of this behind…



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