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16th Sep 2022

You can now barter your homegrown fruit and veg for pastries at Bread 41

Katy Thornton

bread 41 barter

In an effort to reduce waste.

Sustainable September is well underway, and so is Bread 41 with their annual barter system. In a continuous effort to reduce food waste, the bakery is asking for customers to bring them their unwanted homegrown fruit and veg, which can be bartered for pastries and bread.

What will they do with your produce, you ask? Well, what Bread 41 does best of course. Bake. You know what they say, one person’s homegrown fruit is another person’s apple pie.

Bread 41 have already thanked everyone who has dropped in apples so far; make sure you stop by the bakery soon to see what they’ve done with them all.

Seems like a pretty sweet deal to us. Anyone who has ever had the pleasure of trying any of Bread 41’s delicacies knows just how delightful they are.

Header image via Instagram/bread41dublin

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