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13th Sep 2020

Dublin Based company will be selling gelato online with some interesting flavors

Alan Fisher

Cream of the crop

You will be able to get Gelato online from this Dublin Based company.

There’s so much more to this ice-cream though and we love it.

The company is called Cream Of The Crop and it does exactly what the name suggests.

They create their flavours from surplus food and the flavours will change accordingly with the harvest of the day.

Yes, that means if avocados are in season and they have some knocking about they will create an avocado flavoured sorbet like this one below.

It’s mixed lemon and it looks delicious.

How about fresh strawberries and oat milk?

The guys are ready to start sending deliveries quite yet but when they are it ‘will be delivered in this cute box from @packhelp sustainable packing. You will be able to choose from: up to 4 flavors in 300ml jar and up to 8 flavors in 150ml jar’.

This is such a cool concept so make sure to show them some love.

From their latest post, you can see they will be ready sometime next week.