Bad News: We're Going To Have To Get Through The Election Without Vincent Browne

Get well soon, #vinb


It just won't be the same without him – but Vincent Browne will be sitting out the General Election as he undergoes medical treatment.

Having toured the nation hosting 'The People's Debate' in every single constituency, he's already presided over shedloads of coverage, and helped many of us make up our minds as to how we're going to cast our ballots later this month.

But as the cut and thrust of the real campaign looms – the Taoiseach is expected to dissolve the Dáil tomorrow, having surprised us all by not doing so today – the veteran has announced that he won't be part of TV3's coverage.

But obviously the decision is for the best, and we hope he gets well very soon.

Written By

Aidan Coughlan