Frostbit Boy Is Now Publicly Supporting Sinn Fein In The Impending Election

You wouldn't be long gettin' elected

Frostbit Boy

It appears Ruairi McSorley, better known as Frostbit Boy, is showing his support for Sinn Fein in the impending election.

Appearing at the election launch of Senator Trevor Ó Clochartaigh in Galway, McSorley took to the stage sporting a Sinn Fein sticker to speak in favour of Sinn Fein before posing for photos with Gerry Adams.

The Derry teenager first came to fame last January, when he featured on a UTV news segment where he uttered the immortal phrase, "You wouldn't be long gettin' frostbit". Go on, watch it again below.

I guess we'll find on after the general election on February 26 whether being associated with the internet sensation did anything for the party.

H/T The Irish News.

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