Here's Who’s Going To Top The Poll In Each Of The 11 Dublin Constituencies

Barring any surprises, these are the names that will finish first in each area


For the most part, we're still relying on tally information – but as the first counts start to trickle through, and we start to see complete tally numbers, we're starting to see which names are topping the polls across Dublin's constituencies.

That doesn't mean they're elected, of course, and some margins are more comprehensive than others.

But these are the names so far:

Dublin Central

  • Mary Lou McDonald (SF, 24%)
  • Followed by Pascal Donohoe (FG, 14%)

Dublin Bay North

  • Richard Bruton (FG 13%)
  • Followed by Sean Haughey (FF, 10%)

Dublin Bay South

  • Eoghan Murphy (FG, 18%)
  • Followed by Kate O'Connell (FG, 13%)

Dublin South Central

  • Aengus Ó Snodaigh (SF, 17%)
  • Closely followed by Joan Collins (Ind, 15%)

Dun Laoghaire

  • Mary Bailey (FG, 28%)
  • Followed by Mary Mitchell O'Connor (FG, 18%)

Dublin Fingal

  • Darragh O'Brien (FF, 18%)
  • Followed by Clare Daly (Ind, 12%)

Dublin Southwest

  • John Lahart (FF, 14%) 
  • Closely followed by Paul Murphy (AAA-PBP, 13%)

Dublin Rathdown (second count)

  • Shane Ross (Ind, 25%) ELECTED 
  • Followed by Josepha Madigan (FG, 16%)

Dublin West

  • Leo Varadkar (FG)
  • Followed by Jack Chambers (FF, 17%)

Dublin Northwest

  • Róisín Shorthall (SocDems, 28%)
  • Followed by Dessie Ellis (SF, 20%) 

Dublin Midwest (first count)

  • Eoin Ó Broin (SF, 23%) ELECTED 
  • Closely followed by Frances FitzGerald (FG, 21%) ELECTED
  • Followed next by John Curran (16%)

Written By

Aidan Coughlan