Sunday State Of Play: Here's Who's Been Elected In Each Of The 11 Dublin Constituencies

All but two constituencies have finished counting, and here's who's going to be representing us

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There's been so much going on this weekend that it may have proven slightly tricky to stay abreast of one of the most important things of all – who's been elected in your constituency.

And with only two constituencies in the capital yet to finish counting, we've got a fairly clear picture by now.

Here's how it's looking.

Dublin Central (complete)

  • Seats filled: 3/3
  • Mary Lou McDonald (SF, Count 6)
  • Pascal Donohoe (FG, Count 11)
  • Maureen O'Sullivan (Ind, Count 11)

Dublin Bay North

  • Seats filled: 1/5
  • Richard Bruton (FG, Count 8)
State of play

Ten counts in and it's still very much neck and neck in this constituency. Only Richard Bruton has passed the quota, while Fianna Fáil's Sean Haughey and Sinn Féin's Denise Mitchell should follow him comfortably – leaving two seats open.

Given less than 1,000 votes separate the next five candidates, however, the battle for these seats should be fairly intense. Of particular interest here on both a national and regional level will be the progress Aodhán Ó Riordáin, whose election would secure speaking rights for the Labour Party.

He's well placed right now. But it's going to be a long night.


Dublin Bay South (complete)

  • Seats filled: 4/4
  • Eoghan Murphy (FG, Count 7)
  • Eamon Ryan (Greens, Count 7)
  • Kate O'Connell (FG, Count 8)
  • Jim O'Callaghan (FF, Count 8)

Dublin South Central

  • Seats filled: 3/4
  • Aengus Ó Snodaigh (SF, Count 7)
  • Joan Collins (Ind, Count 8)
  • Catherine Byrne (FG, Count 9)
State of play

It's a recount! Brid Murphy was deemed to have marginally made the grade, but did so by a mere 35 votes. So naturally, Fianna Fáil's Catherine Ardagh requested a review of all votes, and this is currently taking place.


Dun Laoghaire (complete)

  • Seats filled: 4/4
  • Sean Barrett (FG, automatically returned)
  • Richard Boyd-Barrett (AAA-PBP, Count 6)
  • Maria Bailey (FG, Count 7)
  • Mary Mitchell O'Connor (FG, Count 7)

Dublin Fingal (complete)

  • Seats filled: 5/5
  • Darragh O'Brien (FF, Count 1)
  • Clare Daly (Ind, Count 4)
  • Alan Farrell (FG, Count 10)
  • Louise O'Reilly (SF, Count 10)
  • Brendan Ryan (Lab, Count 10)

Dublin Southwest (complete)

  • Seats filled: 5/5
  • John Lahart (FF, Count 11)
  • Paul Murphy (AAA-PBP, Count 12)
  • Sean Crowe (SF, Count 15)
  • Colm Brophy (FG, Count 16)
  • Katherine Zappone (Ind, Count 16)

Dublin Rathdown (complete)

  • Seats filled: 3/3
  • Shane Ross (Ind, Count 1)
  • Josepha Madigan (FG, Count 6)
  • Catherine Martin (Green, Count 6)

Dublin West (complete)

  • Seats filled: 4/4
  • Leo Varadkar (FG, Count 3)
  • Jack Chambers (FF, Count 5)
  • Ruth Coppinger (AAA-PBP, Count 5)
  • Joan Burton (Labour, Count 5)

Dublin Northwest (complete)

  • Seats filled: 2/3
  • Róisín Shorthall (SocDems, Count 1)
  • Dessie Ellis (SF, Count 7)
  • Noel Rock (FG, Count 9)

Dublin Midwest (complete)

  • Seats filled: 4/4
  • Eoin Ó Broin (SF, Count 1)
  • Frances FitzGerald (FG, Count 1)
  • John Curran (FF, Count 12)
  • Gino Kelly (AAA-PBP, Count 12)

Written By

Aidan Coughlan