These Are The 11 Simple Questions You Need To Ask Every Canvasser This Week

Mental health, the Eighth Amendment, homelessness, the arts... now's your chance to make your voice heard

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Only a few days to go now, before politicians can basically block out your voice for another four years.

Now is the time to make your voice heard.

And regardless of what you want the answers to be – and regardless of whether you encounter these people at your doorstep or in the streets – these are the questions you need to ask in order for that to happen.

Mental health

  • What will you do to ensure greater access to 24/7 care for people in distress?
  • Do you believe there's an over-reliance on medication in the Irish mental health system?

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The Eighth Amendment

  • Yes or No: will you support a referendum to repeal the Eighth Amendment during the term of the next Dáil?
  • If a referendum takes place, which side will you campaign for?
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  • What's your plan to develop more social housing units?
  • What changes will you make to the private rental sector, to stop families being forced into homelessness?
  • Would you support a referendum on providing a Constitutional 'right to a home'?
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  • Do you support the introduction of mindfulness into the school curriculum?
  • Do you think it's right that children can be refused from schools on grounds of their religion? 
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Food, drink and the arts

  • How would you go about supporting a new restaurant owner in Dublin?
  • What's the relationship between arts investment and economic growth?
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And if you get stuck...

  • Would you rather have a head the size of a tennis ball or the size of a watermelon?

(No, we didn't count that as a question)

Written By

Aidan Coughlan