This Candidate Got Trashed In The Polls – And Responded With A Sensational Rant On Facebook

'Next bastard that comes to my door will know all about it. After helping over 8000 people in 7 years on the council this is how your rewarded'


Nobody likes a sore loser.

And while most eliminated candidates so far have magnanimous in defeat – like losing Oscar nominees in ill-fitting suits – the same can't be said for Donegal's Frank McBrearty Jnr.

After securing just 3% in the initial tallies earlier on, he took to Facebook with the following scathing (and subsequently deleted) message;


He also told the Donegal Democrat that he was:

"completely biased against people like me who have been fighting corruption for the last 19 and a half years."

In his defence, though, he may have had reason to be cranky.

Earlier in the day, he posted:

Anybody know of an emergency dentist open on a Saturday

Posted by Frank McBrearty Jnr on Saturday, February 27, 2016

Well then.

Written By

Aidan Coughlan