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29th Nov 2020

US Officer’s kind-hearted gesture ends up saving Irish neighbour’s life 

Sarah Finnan

kind-hearted gesture

Dropping in a holiday meal to his Irish neighbour, US Officer Kyle Nosan’s kind-hearted gesture ended up saving his life.

Thanksgiving may be an American holiday, but that’s not to say that it’s only celebrated in the US.

Expats, travellers, people who moved abroad for work – there is a whole myriad of reasons why Thanksgiving has spread its roots to be honoured in other countries. Take US Customs and Border Protection Officer Kyle Nosan for example.

One of the American officers assigned to work at Shannon Precelarance, Officer Nosan is amongst several other Americans to have spent Thanksgiving in Ireland this year. Not an occasion that Irish people tend to mark, Nosan wanted to check in on his neighbour and decided to drop in a holiday meal to him all the same.

And good thing he did as the kind-hearted gesture ended up saving his life.

Recounting the tale over on Twitter, officials at the US Embassy Dublin explained what happened.

“Last Thursday, Americans in Ireland celebrated Thanksgiving. U.S. CBP Officer Kyle Nosan, assigned to Shannon Preclearance, took the opportunity to drop off a holiday meal at his Irish neighbour’s home, and ended up saving his life. His neighbor was suffering a medical emergency.

“Officer Nosan alerted emergency services while waiting with him. His neighbor is now recovering well. Thanks to you, CBPO Nosan.”

A serious case of being in the right place at the right time and thankfully, a happy ending to what could have been a very different story.

Header image via Twitter/ US Embassy Dublin

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