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30th May 2018

Lovin Dubliners: Two Lords Showed Me How To Strut My Stuff

Éadaoin Fitzmaurice

As you already know, here at Lovin Dubin – We’re passionate about our city. 

We adore finding the tastiest dishes, the quirkiest bars and the trendiest places to go, but if there’s one thing that brings this city to life, it’s the people that live and work here.

The change-makers of Dublin come from many different areas and lines of work. One thing they all have in common however, is that they are using their passions to shape Dublin and beyond. They are making their very own movements, big or small.

Each week we meet with one of these innovative minds and we follow them around for a typical day in the life. It gives us a chance to delve into the thought process behind some of Dublin’s biggest projects and the drive behind their success.

It’s the people of Dublin that make this city so special, Lovin Dubliners gives us a platform to showcase this.

This week I got the chance to spend some time with the wonderfully weird and wild, Lords Of Strut

This comedy-circus duo are mighty craic and an absolute joy to watch. I caught up with them during a rehearsal to ask them about their quirky line of work. 

How did you get into dancing?

“It was a piss-take originally and now it’s become everything.”

The dancing duo met in the circus training nine years ago. They defined themselves as street performers doing acrobatics. From there, they began to add dance to their performances and now it has become a key element of their shows.  

Back in the day, the pair began making their mark by organising raves. They’d go to any given place, rock up with a speaker in a shopping trolley and have a bop. The raves would usually last for about 30 minutes or so but they put Lords Of Strut on the map.

What should people expect from your shows?

“All glitz, all glam – The funniest and freakiest, banging dance routines and a very drunk audience…” 

Their shows involve physical comedy, fast routines and audience participation so it’s full of laughs and bants. The lads highlighted that they don’t bring people up to embarrass them, it’s all for the craic so even if you’re like me, and you tend to shy away during shows, you’ll be putting your hand up for this one.

Expect to see hula-hopping, tunes on the keytar and outrageous outfits. 

How has your life changed since Lords Of Strut began?

“It’s given me a platform to express myself and I’m having a f*cking laugh doing that.”

Lords Of Strut made their first television appearance on Britain’s Got Talent and spiralled as a viral sensation from there. 

One of their biggest projects to dat has been taking part in Riot, the theatrical production that won Best Production at Dublin Fringe Festival. With this show, they’ve been able to tour and perform all around the world. 

“Riot best thing to come out of Ireland – Pop meets deadly.”

What advice do you have for someone interested in your line of work?

“Just do it, make stuff yourself – DIY, don’t wait for anybody else and… enjoy it!” 

It’s important to stand out and to break the mould a little bit in order to be recognised but Cian emphasised that in doing this, you should still stay true to yourself and your passions. 

“You’ve just got to go for it and do your thing.”

You have very unique style, where do you shop?

“The Village Hall in Cork, Fizzys Fizzers and Independent Designer in Australia and NYC Loaded, New York.”

If you want to see more, the lads will be performing at Kilkenny Cat Laughs this week.

Header Image: @lordsofstrut

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