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20th Dec 2016

21 Seriously Slick Fashion Essentials You Can Pick Up In Dunnes – Yes, DUNNES – Right Now


The dawn of a new era is upon us. We’re calling it Dunnes Stores’ style-aissance.

In case you haven’t noticed, Dunnes have upped their fashion game majorly this season – so we went on down to their Stephen’s Green store to have a look for ourselves and can confirm that there are indeed some AMAZING pieces to be had.

Here are our top picks – and pics – for your payday splurge. 

1. and 2. Striped Must-Haves Galore. 

This top and dress, €35 each. Obsessed. 

Img 2503
Img 2501

1. This red skirt with cool zip detail 

It’s super soft, too, €99.

Img 2518

4. This totally-impractical-yet-essential clutch.

It’ll hold a lipstick and your ATM card. Sure what else do you need. €30. 

Img 2508

5. The silk floral scarf of dreams 

So easy to wear, totally makes you look fancy, €49. 

Img 2516

6. These Adidas-inspired sneakers 

The sneakers of the season – super comfy, too. €89. 

Img 2514

7. All of these jewellery pieces

Every. Single. One. From €59. 

Img 2511

8. This cute denim skirt


Img 2494

9. And equally cute denim shirt.


Img 2498

10. This way more practical tote 

For when you need to be grown-up and stuff. €189. 

Img 2515

11. A cosy grey knit

Feels like wearing a hug, €35. 

Img 2507

12. These slick ankle boots 


Img 2495

12. These ones too

Divine. €45. 

Img 2509

13. This pinafore

For those of us too terrified to try wearing dungarees, €45. 

Img 2500

14. This white saddle bag

Fab. €30. 

Img 2504

15. A silky white shirt 

It’s a little more expensive but the quality is spot on. We LOVE. €110. 

Img 2496

16. This pink T-shirt 


Img 2506

17. These silver brogues 

Fancy. €40. 

Img 2505

18. This sleeveless black number

Wear it over a polo-neck for day time, stick on jeans and heels for night. Easy. €60.

Img 2513

19. A logo sweatshirt you’ll wear every day 

Because it’s so comfy but makes you look like you made an effort – win-win. €59.

Img 2512

20. This silver wallet

To match your brogues, obvs. €50.

Img 2510

21. And finally, this zippy bag

Another great tote, lads. €40.

Img 2499

We rest our case. 

Img 2493