5 financial tips for planning a group holiday with your pals this Christmas

By Lovin Dublin

December 6, 2022 at 1:11pm



From budgeting to bill-splitting, here are some helpful tips ahead of your next group holiday.

Planning a winter getaway? Whether it's a last-minute group trip, a family holiday or a romantic city break for two, Christmas is the perfect excuse to jet off somewhere new for a weekend.

Of course, it goes without saying that organising a group getaway is no easy feat. Between booking a trip that fits with everyone's schedules to saving up all the money you'll need, these kinds of holidays can take a bit of planning.

And with the way things are at the moment, making travels as cost-effective as possible is at the top of everyone's priorities this Christmas. A recent study from PayPal* showed that 30% are currently budgeting to travel abroad and 16% for a staycation, with 23% of these aiming to travel over the Christmas or New Year's Eve period.

Plus, in response to the cost-of-living crises, 42% of people are planning to split the costs on holidays and weekend breaks this Christmas, meaning you and your pals are likely working together to manage the costs of your next trip.

With that in mind, we've put together some simple tips to help take the hassle out of planning and budgeting for your next group trip away...

5. Check everyone's availability well in advance


Organising a trip away with a group of people is no easy task. Between work commitments, busy schedules and money worries, it can be tricky to find a weekend where everyone's free for a last-minute city break.

With that in mind, make sure you've got a clear idea of numbers attending before you book any accommodation, flights or activities. From a money-saving perspective, it may also save you from chasing down refunds on any bookings if one or two pals drop out ahead of the trip.

4. Split planning and booking duties

When it comes to group expenses like accommodation, flights and activities, it can be easier if one person bulk books these instead of everyone sorting themselves out individually. But to ensure one person isn't taking on all the planning duties, be sure to split these tasks between your pals.

Having one friend managing accommodation, one sorting out flights and another booking some experiences for you all to enjoy on the trip will ensure nobody's left carrying too much of the responsibility.

3. Manage bill-splitting properly


If you're saving every penny you can to fund your getaway, it can be pretty frustrating to be left waiting on the cash you're owed from a pal.

To help you steer clear of any awkward arguments or disagreements around money on the trip, it’s important that you can receive and send money between friends and family instantly, without any unwanted hassle.

With PayPal, paying people back or requesting money from friends and family doesn’t have to be an awkward or drawn-out process. Instead, it allows people to simply, swiftly and securely send and receive money, making bill-splitting a breeze.

Plus, you can use the Request feature on PayPal to ask for money before splitting any costs. Not only will it help prevent you from being out of pocket while you wait for funds, but it also takes away the awkwardness and discomfort that can come with asking for money from friends or family.

It's a quick, easy and reliable way to cut out the back-and-forth around money this Christmas, so you can focus on enjoying your winter break. You can sign up for PayPal HERE.

2. Work out everyone's budget and limits


Before committing to the likes of accommodation or flights, work out how much everyone is willing to spend.

Being flexible about the destination but firm on the budget is key. A lot of issues stem from mismatched expectations, so have an honest discussion from the get-go about what your expectations are for the trip, what your budget is and how you’ll split expenses along the way.

Clearly highlighting the areas everyone would prefer to save or splurge on at the beginning of the trip will help avoid tension and ensure everyone's expectations are aligned.

1. Pay for as much as you can in advance

Once you've settled on a certain amount of spending money for your trip away, the last thing you want is to see that money go on outstanding bookings like accommodation and or flights.

Before your trip, try to pay off as many debts as you can in terms of accommodation and flights, whether that's paying for them directly or transferring the cash to a friend who's already footed the bill. Having these expenses settled before you jet off means all the money you have with you can be used for spending when you've arrived at your destination, like food, drinks and activities.


Take the hassle out of Christmas bill-splitting by signing up for PayPal HERE or downloading the PayPal app.

*About the study: PayPal's Gifting & Giving Study was conducted online by Censuswide, which surveyed 1,000 respondents across Ireland in September 2022. All statistics are taken from this source, unless otherwise stated. Censuswide abides by and employs members of the Market Research Society which is based on the ESOMAR principles

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