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22nd Dec 2016

5 Of The Most Stylish Movies Of 2016 To Check Out This Christmas


With more than a week of guilt-free duvet days ahead of us (praise Santa), we thought you might enjoy a list of fashion forward and style savvy movies to wile away your lazy time. 

Here are 7 of the most beautiful-to-watch films of 2016…

1. Nocturnal Animals 

Tom Ford = genius. Seriously, the designer revolutionised GUCCI, has one of the most respected eponymous fashion labels of all time AND, turns out, he makes a damn fine movie. If you loved his directorial debut, A Single Man, you’ll love Nocturnal Animals. It’s visually astounding, and hits the mark as an exceptional thriller, too. Watch it and weep. 

2. Allied 

OK, so this movie is mediocre but, thanks to costume designer extraordinaire Joanna Johnston, Marion Cotillard and Brad Pitt look impeccable as two undercover agents who fall madly in love (or do they?). The story is set between Morocco and London during WWII and is definitely one for vintage costume lovers amongst you. 


3. Jackie 

Natalie Portman perfectly portrays former First Lady and style icon Jackie Onassis in this biopic, complete with 1960s skirt suits, pillbox hats and more Chanel then you can shake a stick at. We meet Jackie just after the assassination of her husband,  John F Kennedy, and follow her life in the wake of his death. 

4. Personal Shopper 

No, this isn’t the sequel to that god awful Confessions Of A Shopaholic, this is a thriller staring Kirsten Stewart (and directed by Olivier Assayas) about a girl who starts to uncover ghostly activity while she works as personal shopper in Paris. It’s mostly about the fashion for us, and that’s fine. 

5. The Nice Guys 

This is your average shoot ’em up, beat ’em up comedy schtick, but with added Ryan Gosling – so you know it’s good. The 70s costumes are exquisite and the cars and the interiors are all so retro, this is just a fun, fabulous way to spend 90 minutes. Did we mention The Gosling? 

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