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29th Mar 2018

Pump It Up: A Nightclub Workout Without The Hangover Is Coming To Dublin


Dancing in a club giving it absolute socks has to count as a workout, yeah? I mean all those moves in that sweaty space must be equivalent to at least an hour on the treadmill… 

Now though, you can get that craic of a night out without the sore head and bleary eyes that’s unfortunately all too common the next day. A new workout class is coming to Dublin and it sounds exactly like the high-intensity fitness buzz we’ve been missing in the city. 

Taking inspo from NYC style classes where you sweat it out to a live DJ and neon lights, Movement will have a full visual show, live DJ, and trainers hosting a fun, functional HIIT session workout experience in the Button Factory on Tuesday April 10th, kicking off at 6.30pm. This will be followed by a short cool down yoga session.

Here’s all the deets you need to know:

Movement Poster

As if it wasn’t already gonna be a great buzz, you’ll even get to recover with health snacks from Pog and shakes from Optimum Nutrition after the class. 

Whether you are at the stage of smashing the rower or bashing the punchbag, walking to work or running up mountains, Movement wants to get everyone moving.

They promise the buzz of a night out with none of the hangover.

You can grab tickets here. Get ready to have pump it up!

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