PICS: The Difference Between What Approx €750 Gets You In Dubai And In Dublin Is Scandalous

We'd rather take the Dubai villa with the swimming pool, basketball court and gym, instead of this shite...

Rent House

What are we doing here?

Seriously, Dubai is warmer, there's a shitload of job opportunities there and their price of renting is just phenomenal.

We don't need to tell you how much of a rip-off it is to live in Dublin at the moment.

See that closet underneath the stairs that has no bed in the already small house in Kimmage? It's yours if you want it...for €1,100 a month.

This was noticed by an ex-pat who rightly said that "Dublin has lost its tits" when it comes to renting.

"Dublin rent has lost its tits. Just saw a girl advertising a double room in Sandyford for €780 per month. I’m moving into a villa on Thursday here in Dubai for roughly €730 which includes our own pool, gym and basketball court."

Straight away, he doesn't need to pay membership, he can improve his b-ball skills and be 'just like Mike' and he gets all that for less than a double room in Sandyford.

We couldn't find said room in Sandyford but here is what is on the market for between €750-€800 at the moment...

You can get your own SITTING ROOM BED IN TALLAGHT!!

Sitting Room Bed


A one bed in Finglas which actually shows no picture of the bed WHATSOEVER!!

So instead, here's the blurry picture they took of their kitchen.

Blurry Kitchen

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