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PIC: This Is How Many Gardaí It Takes To Get One Swan Off A Busy Dublin City Road

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We’ve been feeling the exact same way as you all these years. Countless nights of sleep lost, thinking about a question that seemed unanswerable.

Gardaí were out on the beat on Tuesday in Dublin City’s Centre when they came across a stubborn swan who was just in no mood to move for any man, woman or child.

The swan was causing a scene around the Quays and it looks like Gardai stumbled upon the ‘scene’ and had to usher the animal off the road before it became roadkill.

Gardai Swan Reddit

Reddit user mwilson1212 posted this on the site and gave us an answer to that question after all these years.

Three gardaí, that’s how many it takes to get a swan out of the way of traffic.

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