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A Dubliner Has Complained About The Use Of The Phrase “Thank You So Much”

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We love a good thank you here in Dublin. Whether it’s to the bus driver for taking us home or to Aunty Mary for buying us those socks we’ve always wanted, we get a great kick out of expressing our gratitude.

To some people though, the gushing nature of our “go raibh maith agats” could do with being taken down a notch. Take this person who wrote into the Irish Times for example. He reckons that there’s no need to add “so much” and the end of “thank you” unless we’re being given an organ or something equally as monumental.

He writes:

“Dear Sirs,

“I would like to complain about the overuse of the phrase “Thank you so much.” This should be used for major favours, such as kidney donation or driving a long way to help someone.

“Instead, it is used every time people accept a cup of tea. I feel people should calm down and use the simple “Thank you” in these situations.”

You’ll know what to say now next time someone in your gaff pops the kettle on for ya. Thanks so much or reading.

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