31 Fantatic Highstreet Pieces You Can Buy In Dublin Right Now For Less Than €50

We scoured H&M, Zara, Forever 21, New Look, Topshop and Penney for the best hidden gems on the shelves

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Oh, hello there highstreet beauties.

We've been to town and found the most gorgeous new pieces in your fave highstreet stores this week, all for under €50. And there are some crackers. 

At H&M 

1. These two-tone jeans 

€24.99 – counts as two pairs really if you ask us. 

Img 4005

2. This maxi dress

Super easy to wear during the day with sandals or dressed up for a summer wedding, €49.99.

Img 4004

3. These pink silky culottes that look like a skirt

Gorge, €49.99.

Img 4003

4. This patterned string top

 ... that would go really well with those culottes. Just saying, €29.99.

Img 4002

5. These heels

Black = practical. FACT, €39.99.

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Over at Forever 21...

6. This gorgeous white dress and black slip 

Very boho. We like, €27.

Img 3999


Because it says what we're all thinking, €10.

Img 3997

8. This very cool utility dress 

A good summer workwear option, €27.

Img 3996

9. This black dress

It's the back detail that makes it TBH, €24.

Img 3995
Img 3994

On to New Look ... 

10. This super soft sweater 


Img 3992

11. This denim skirt 

A great wardrobe staple to have handy, €29.99.

Img 3991

12. and 13. These bomber jacket and waterfall jackets

€29.99 and €39.99.

Img 3990
Img 3989

Meanwhile, at Topshop ...

14. This Pepsi jumper

For all you 90s kids, €44.

Img 3986

15. and 16. These slip dresses

Orange or jungle print, take your pick, €40 and €44.

Img 3988
Img 3987

17. These star-spangled sneakers 

Love! We may have bought these... you know... for research. And guess what? They're really, really comfy, €36.

Img 3984

18. Or these pointy pumps

If you're fancy, €25.

Img 3983

Back to good ol' Penneys 

19. This wrap detail dress

€14, sher where would you be going.

Img 3982

20. This red blazer

Only a few left and they're €9.

Img 3980

21. This shell purse that'll make you feel like a mermaid 

You deserve to feel like a mermaid, €4.

Img 3979

22. and 23. Limited edition heels that'll change your life

Not really but like, you know. Two styles. Both necessary, €24.

Img 3976
Img 3977

Last stop, Zara

24. This super cute blouse 

So many feels! €19.95.

Img 3966

25. A white bomber

This is summer in a jacket right here, €39.95.

Img 3973

26. And this white dress – check out the back 

Pretty, €29.95.

Img 3969
Img 3968

27. These gold flats 

Shiny and wonderful, €29.95.

Img 3967

28. This striped Breton t-shirt

Perfect with jeans, skirts, the works, €25.95.

Img 3964

29. This pink shirt

We didn't buy this too. Swear, €29.95.

Img 3965

30. Or this blue shirt

If that's more your thing, €24.95.

Img 3970

31. This clutch that looks just like the Anya Hindmarch collection 

Saved the best for last! €34.95.

Img 3971

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Jo Linehan

Jo is a writer, stylist and explorer. She loves fashion, knows great style and is interested in people and great stories. She lives in Phibsborough and is in love with Dublin.