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Dublin Brides-To-Be Rejoice! This Brand New Bridal Store Has Dresses From Just €99

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Getting married anytime soon? Or y’know, maybe you just want to own a goddamn wedding dress. Live your best life and all that. 

Either or, brides-to-be and brides-wannabe in Dublin will be chuffed to know that there’s a super affordable bridal boutique in Drumcondra. 

WED2B is “the UK’s largest and most affordable bridal retailer, and they sell all of their dresses for under €799, off-the-peg, so you can take your dream dress home with you today. 

The range starts in store at just €99. Nope. We’re not joking. 

It’s just opened up in Drumcondra and the dresses are faaaab…

A quick glance on the website shows 13 dresses under €400. 

This one is on the site for a mere €109. We LOVE. 

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And our absolute fave thing about this place? You don’t need an appointment. 

Save all that extra hard earned cash to spend on the honeymoon.

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