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20th Dec 2016

Go To Bed NOW And Get Up For 4.45am Tomorrow – It’ll Be Worth It


Want to do something worthwhile with your life? Of course you do.

Want to feel amazing for the entire day? Of course you do.

Want to feel SMUG for the entire day? Oh, now, that’s just a silly question.

Anyhow, the wonderful Flynn twins from the Happy Pear in Greystones will be assembling the bright and breezy masses tomorrow morning at 4.45am – did you know there even was a 4.45am? – to head down to Greystones beach for a swim.

And after you’ve watched the sun rise over the eastern horizon?

Well then the lads will then be lashing up some fruit and porridge to fuel you up for the day ahead. And you can’t ask for more than that, really.

And the best part is if you go to sleep RIGHT now, you’ll get a solid six hours before that alarm goes off. So g’wan, and check out the details here.

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