PICS: Here's What The New Swan Leisure In Rathmines Looks Like After Its €200k Revamp

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If you were once a member of Swan Leisure in Rathmines, but quit due to the constant crowds, inadequate space or facilities that fell short of local competitors such as Flye... well, you wouldn't be the only one.

However, you may now want to take a second look. 

They've just invested €200k in a revamp of the gym space, and we have to say it's looking pretty slick.

Here are the pics – not bad for a place that will set you back just €30 a month, in fairness.

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According to Gary Gannon, members can:

Enjoy fitness in our new Piloxing classes, get strong with TRX and ZUU, get fit while you cycle through the French Riveria on our new Tour De France bikes, tone up in Yoga classes, and burn 70% more fat using our new incline trainers. 

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Aidan Coughlan