11 Tupperware Meal Prep Pics That Will Really Appeal To A Certain Type of Person

You know who you are


We all know that Sunday is a day for meal prep – or at least, it should be. 

But really, do we want to be spending the dying hours of the weekend slaving away in the kitchen when we could be squeezing the last out of our freedom?

This calls for a bit of inspo – and if you're the sort of person who appreciates the value of a good batch cook, these pics will really ignite something inside you...

1. Love IS real

2. Tupperware with compartments. The actual dream

3. Oh boy...

4. So... beautiful

5. So... MASSIVE

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7. Swoon

8. Should actually be in a gallery somewhere

9. Along with this

10. And this

12. And finally... crank up the saturation, yo

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Aidan Coughlan