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WATCH: This Super Strong Six Year Old Girl From Dublin Puts Us All To Shame

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Childhood obesity in Ireland is a growing issue, what with kids’ obsession with Ipads and apps and basically just not wanting to leave the tech world.

Not so with the incredibly fit Layla Rochfort, a six-year-old mini ninja who trains in Spartan Academy in Blanchardstown.

Boxing? She can pack a strong punch.

Push-ups, weightlifting, sprinting, pretty much every and any sport or form exercise and Layla can kick butt at it- she’s class.

Her trainer sent us in the vid, and said that Layla’s mam trains in their crossfit classes and her two older sisters are black belts with the club also. Wow.

What a strong family <3 

Now if that doesn’t motivate us to get off the sofa this weekend and finally hit the gym then we don’t know what will…

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