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05th Jul 2018

PIC: A Famous Hollywood Actress Has Been Spotted In Dublin’s Avoca Getting Coffee

Darragh Berry

This famous Hollywood celebrity was hoping to enjoy a low-key visit to Dublin but that was never really going to happen, was it?

It’s rumoured to be her first visit to Ireland but Katie Holmes is already experiencing the best of Dublin as she grabbed a coffee and something to eat on the go.

The Dawson’s Creek actress – who is still only 39 believe it or not – was in Avoca in Monkstown on Monday afternoon.

She was just fresh off the plane from France as she was in Paris to enjoy a Christian Dior show, as you do…

If the image isn’t working in the article, you can find it here.

Holmes looks fairly ‘at home’ in Dublin sporting a comfy shirt dress as she passed by the onlooking photographers.

Avoca wished Holmes a “fantastic stay in Dublin” and told her to come back soon again to visit the store.

Keep your eyes peeled, people. She’s roaming around the place.

Surely she has to visit Dawson Street?

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