These Are The Worst Dates To Get Married On According To Researchers

If you've picked this date or anything around it, get the divorce papers ready.

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If you think that you can pick any old date to get married and it's going to be fine, well, you are wrong my friend.

A recent study by the University of Melbourne has discovered that weddings that take place on Valentine's Day, anniversaries, Christmas Day or dates with specific numbers like 9/9/99, 1/2/03 and 11/12/14 (or near those dates) were 18-36% more likely to end in divorce than on another wedding date.

The study is called 'Not Your Lucky Day: Romantically and Numerically Special Wedding Date Divorce Risks', and states that these dates are more popular than others, with five times more weddings taking place on these dates.

One of the report's authors, Professor David Ribar, said that it's not the date that determines the divorce but rather it says more about the couple who chose the date.

"People who got married on special dates were more likely to have been married before and more likely to have children already... We also found that spouses who married on special dates were less alike, in terms of education and ages, than spouses who married on ordinary dates."

So, we're sorry if you've had something planned for 14th of February 2019 but CANCEL IT IMMEDIATELY FOR THE LOVE OF JAYSUS.

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