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24th Feb 2023

New tongue-in-cheek Dublin 1 guerrilla marketing campaign offering ‘free yoga’

Katy Thornton

free yoga dublin

Giving a whole new meaning to Downward Dog.

We’ve all been there, okay. I don’t believe there’s one person who has gone through life and managed to completely avoid stepping in dog poo (real or figurative). It seems that no matter where you are, there will always be people who don’t pick up after their pet.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t try to show them the error of their ways, as this guerilla marketing campaign attempts. Twitter user @Stephenlough95 spotted a new poster that had popped up in Dublin 1 near Gloucester Street that seems to offer ‘free yoga’.

The woman on the poster is in the classic downward dog position, and upon closer inspection, this is what the writing on the poster says:

“Start by bending over and picking up your dog shit”

In smaller writing it goes on to say, “Doesn’t that feel good“.

Stephen tweeted the following upon capturing the poster.

“Hate to get all Facebook mam, but this is class, especially if you live in Dublin 1, the amount of shite you have to dodge is insane.”

The poster raised questions on whether the council needs to intervene and provide more bins in certain areas. One Twitter user responded to the above tweet by saying,

“Totally agree but also works both ways. Council need to provide facilities to encourage it. A bin has been removed from my street in last two weeks. I spent 30 mins walking carrying dog shit.”

The question around the amount of public bins was raised particularly during covid lockdowns, when people could only meet outdoors, and littering became a bigger problem.

As a dog walker I can confirm there isn’t nearly enough bins around Dublin to accommodate people and their pups.

Header image via Twitter/Stephenlough95

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