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27th Nov 2017

PICS: There’s Flower Bouquets All Over The City Centre Today & The Reason Why Is Lovely


Did you spot a lone bouquet of flowers on your way to work this morning and think “I wish they were mine?”

Well, they say #noregrets but you might have regrets when you hear you were actually meant to take those flowers. 

Today is Ireland’s Lonely Bouquet Day, and people are encouraged to keep their eyes peeled for a lonely bouquet that needs a good home.

Ireland’s florists are determined to add magic to Monday and spread the joy of flowers, by leaving gorgeous fresh bouquets dotted around our towns and cities for strangers to find and keep.

The ultimate goal of the initiative is to make strangers happy, and to remind everyone of the simple pleasure of a gift of flowers.

“If you find one of the lonely bouquets, it’s yours to enjoy, or to gift to someone else.  Either way, spreading happiness with free flowers is the aim of the day”, Fionnuala McAuley, owner of Scarecrow Flowers in Sandymount, Dublin, says of her early-morning mission abandoning bouquets across Dublin city and suburbs.

Bouquets carry a signature “take me!” tag and those lucky enough to find a Lonely Bouquet on Monday are encouraged to share the happiness on social media, letting others know when and where they discovered their flowers freebie by using the hashtag #irishlonelybouquet.

Fingers crossed there’s one at our bus stop…