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18th Jan 2018

An Interior Design Dream Lies Behind The Door Of This Chic Gaff In Portobello


Torture (noun): the action of looking at Dublin houses you will never be able to afford in the false hopes that you will one day be rich enough to live anywhere but a tiny studio flat. 

Right, now that we’re clear that this is self-punishment in the most stylish form, take a gawk at one of the prettiest houses on the market in town right now.

No.46 Arnott Street in Portobello a two-bed, two-bath home that is spread over three levels and has a simply perfect interior hiding behind that modern facade.

We can only imagine the the original owners hired some real pros to kit the gaff out… 

Okay seriously, how is somewhere this trendy even real?

Screen Shot 2018 01 18 At 17 13 36
Screen Shot 2018 01 18 At 17 13 21

That kitchen is straight out of 90210 

Screen Shot 2018 01 18 At 17 13 43

A bedroom so minimalistic we wouldn’t dare have a messy ‘clothes chair’

Screen Shot 2018 01 18 At 17 14 10
Screen Shot 2018 01 18 At 17 13 52

And this… THIS. A private haven to enjoy the grand stretch in the evenings

Screen Shot 2018 01 18 At 17 14 16


  • Solar panels
  • On street pay and display permit parking
  • West facing aspect
  • Stylish contemporary home
  • Within walking distance of Dublin city centre

Considering the asking price is €695,000, the closest we’ll ever get to it is these pics. 

*Eye roll*

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