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This ‘Lovely’ Studio Apartment In Dublin 7 Would Suit Absolutely No One

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Remember the days when studios were cheap? Yeah neither do we.

Ok, that’s it, we’ve gotten to the end of our tether with this housing crisis craic. Week after week, month after month the price of renting keeps going up, and there seems to be no end in sight.

It would be somewhat bearable if the places for rent were worth our hard earned cash dolla but they rarely, if ever, are.

Unless of course, you don’t mind spending all your wages on rent, living off fresh air and the crumbs you find underneath the couch.

Which we do so, yeah, let’s continue to wade through the absolute crap that passes for rented accommodation in this country for places to live.

A eagle-eyed reader sent this gem in to us, and we had to share it with you.

Firstly, on what planet this ‘lovely’ studio apartment would “suit one or two people” we’ll never know, but here it is.

Secondly – Yes, that is the “front door” ( you can see it in the “bedroom” photo too.)

Killarney Parade Apartment 2

Oh, but you get a separate bathroom – score!

Killarney Parade Apartment 3

The depressing thing is, it probably will be taken by some poor soul.

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