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24th Jul 2018

PICS: People Are Disgusted With This Malteser Flat Ad On

Darragh Berry

The housing crisis in Dublin has seen its fair share of shocking places where beds are situated beside cookers in kitchen or under stairs in the hallway and then a colossal price tag is put on them.

Sadly though, it’s not even that much of a shock anymore to see that the pull-out couch in Harold’s Cross is going for €800 a month before bills.

This house, which has been described as a “faking listing” from Maltesers, has come under scrutiny online with the Rubberbandits one of the many people who think that it is inappropriate.

It’s not a shocking advertisement. There’s no beds in the corner of the sitting room or anything, in fact, it looks like quite a nice apartment.

But, the catch is that their “ultimate flat” is just a quick way to get people to see that they’ve introduced new Maltesers Bites.

And people were not happy.

The ad reads:

“”We’re on the look out for a new flatmate – someone who is more chocolatey, less roundy to match our style and taste”

“MALTESERS® Bites, a delicious new bitesize treat, has the same ingredients as regular MALTESERS® but in a fun and playful format, offering consumers a chocolate bite with the brand’s signature crunchy texture.

“Maltesers bites are available in three different pack sizes, so you can buy enough to eat yourself or a larger bag to pretend you’re going to share with your flatmates!”

One person described the ad as “completely done teaf”, another asked “who thought this was a good idea” while another said that it was “sick” to see this ad being put up as a joke “in the middle of a housing crisis.”

The group Rubber Bandits really took offence to the ad saying that:

“They did this knowing that it would cause outrage, which they will then apologise for, meanwhile we’re all now thinking about Maltesers, and I’ve directly contributed to it.”

“There’s actual people dying because of the housing crisis though. If a massive corporation fancies stepping into that type of ethical territory to advertise, then maybe try and use their power/money to help the situation in the process.”

Do you take any offence in the advertisement or do you think it’s okay for stuff like this to be published on Daft? Let us know in the comments.

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