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04th Jan 2018

This Two-Bedroom Cottage In Dundrum Is Gorgeous On The Inside


Round these parts, we’re suckers for cosy dwellings. Can’t get enough of ’em.

I mean, honestly, do you really fantasise about one day owning a massive home? Unless you have a large family, or intend to have one, a mansion would probably just be a colossal waste of space. What’s the point of that?

Nope, we’d rather live somewhere more like 10 Victoria Terrace in Dundrum. Just a short walk from the nearby Luas stop, you’ll find this gaff at the end of a quiet lane. With its modest exterior, you may not even give it a second glance if you were to pass it — but its worth can only be appreciated once you’re seen the building’s interior.

Once inside the charm of the space becomes immediately evident, with exposed redbrick in places, colourfully painted walls in others, discrete shelves, an inset cast iron Stanley fuel burning stove and bespoke steel and African mahogany staircase. And that’s just the living room.

The kitchen boasts a whitewashed wood floor, stained glass window to side, solid wood countertops, and ample fitted wooden shelves which all amounts to a cosily rustic effect.

Let’s see if you’re as smitten by the place as we are…

Vic Exterior
Vic 1
Vic 2
Vic 3
Vic 4
Vic 5
Vic 6
Vic 7
Vic 8

See what we’re talking about?

While this place is stylish and well-located, it’s also pretty tiny — so how much do you reckon it’d fetch on the market? Venture a quick guess.

It’d set you back €345,000 to buy this cottage.

What do you make of this gaff and its price tag? Let us know in the comments.

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