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22nd Dec 2017

Someone In Dublin Has Just Won The Jackpot In Tonight’s Euromillions Plus Draw

Darragh Berry

Well the lucky feckers.

Imagine, there’s someone who bought their ticket in the capital tonight just swanning around minding their own business and pretending as if they haven’t just scooped €500,000.

There was no big Irish winners in the main Euromillions draw but someone who bought their ticket in a Dublin shop has won the jackpot for the plus draw. 

The numbers in the plus draw were: 4, 6, 22, 30 and 48.

There was in fact two winners of that jackpot with the other winner coming from the mid-west. 

The numbers in the main Euromillions draw were: 5, 24, 30, 31, 43, and bonus numbers of 3 and 6.

No one at all scooped the big €17m jackpot that was on offer in Ireland or anywhere so it rolls over but there were tens of thousands of Irish winners in the main draw as well.

If you’ve had no luck with either of those draws you might have gotten something in the €5,000 Winning Ireland Only Raffle Numbers which were: 

I-CXN-49121,  I-DBH-37316,  I-DBH-61977,  I-DBH-62788,  I-DBH-95515, I-DBJ-89051,  I-DBK-34810,  I-DBK-54220,  I-DBM-39777,  I-DBN-11739.

Get checking those tickets, folks. 

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