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21st May 2021

The best time to enjoy the “outdoor summer” this weekend, according to the weather experts

James Fenton

We’re still not over the lashings of rain we saw yesterday and today doesn’t exactly look ideal for heading out and about either.

There’s widespread acceptance that this will be an “outdoor summer” but when we get weather like we did yesterday, you’ll forgive us if we aren’t rushing to the nearest park or beach.

However, the good news is that Saturday should see a slight improvement with Met Éireann saying that there will be a ‘dry and sunny start’ to the day in the capital, followed by scattered showers and highs of 11 degrees.

Despite that small respite, things are expected to worsen again on Sunday when ‘a band of rain sweeps in across the country during the morning, clearing into the Irish Sea into the afternoon.’ Heavy showers will follow with the risk of flooding, lightning and hail. So, yeah, it doesn’t sound too promising.

If anything, early on Saturday seems the best time to get out and about, within public health guidelines, and you can view the forecast in more detail here.

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