The DSCPA have released some adorable Christmas cards

By Katy Thornton

November 24, 2021 at 7:29am


What's even better is that the cards are incredibly sweet too.

After another year of helping animals, the DSPCA have launched their Christmas shop. There's tons of toys available for your furry friend, and even beanies and hoodies for you, but they are also selling a range of Christmas cards. The cards were drawn by 16 year old Ava Henson, an avid lover of animals as can be seen in their Instagram post. The message on the cards simply states: "Be Kind To Animals This Christmas."

Christmas is not just a time for friends and family, it's a time to appreciate and love our pets even more than normal. The message is also a reminder to keep an eye out for other animals we may come across, and to act accordingly if they're being mistreated or are suffering.

These cards are available from the DSPCA's online shop and comes in sets of 12. Each set showcases three different designs. You can take a look at everything they're offering this Christmas HERE.

Header image via Instagram/dspcaadoptions

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