The Light House In Smithfield Is Showing All Your Favourite Christmas Movies This Month

Get those festive feels

Love Actually

Christmas is officially upon us and there's nothing that gets us in the festive mood like watching one of our favourite seasonal movies.

Luckily, The Light House Cinema is Smithfield is ready for just such an occasion and is screening some of the most popular Christmas classics over the course of December.

Whether you're a firm Love Actually fan or more of a Home Alone purist, here's all the dates, times and everything you need to know...

Die Hard

When? Dec 6th at 8.30pm, Dec 10th at 10.30pm and Dec 14th at 8pm

Die Hard 2 (with Nakatomi Tower 80s Office Party)

When? Dec 2nd, party at 9pm followed by film at 10.30pm


When? Dec 12th at 5.45pm, Dec 14th at 6pm, Dec 17th at 6.30pm, Dec 20th at 1pm, Dec 21st at 2pm, Dec 22nd at 1.30pm and Dec 23rd at 6pm


Dec 10th at 9.30pm

It's a Wonderful Life

When? Dec 8th at 8.30pm, Dec 11th at 6pm, Dec 20th at 3.30pm, Dec 13th at 8.30pm, Dec 21st at 6.30pm, Dec 23rd at 3pm and Dec 23rd at 8pm

Bad Santa

When? Dec 3rd at 10.30pm, Dec 12th at 7.40pm and Dec 16th at 10.30pm

The Polar Express

When? Dec 17th at 2pm and Dec 19th at 1pm

Miracle on 34th Street

When? Dec 8th at 6pm, Dec 18th at 1pm, Dec 19th at 3.30pm and Dec 20th at 6pm

Jingle All The Way

When? Dec 4th at 4pm, Dec 18th at 5.45pm and Dec 22nd at 8.45pm

The Muppets Christmas Carol

When? Dec 3rd at 2pm, Dec 18th at 15.30pm, Dec 21th at 12pm

Love Actually

When? Dec 7th at 8.30pm, Dec 11th at 3.15pm, Dec 20th at 8.30pm and Dec 22nd at 6pm

Home Alone

When? Dec 4th at 6pm, Dec 11th at 1pm, Dec 17th at 4.15pm and Dec 22nd at 3.45pm

Santa Claus: The Movie

When? Dec 10th at 3pm, Dec 21st 4pm

The Apartment

When? Dec 31st at 5pm

Hollywood Babylon: Batman Returns

When? Dec 9th at 10.45pm

Cinema Book Club: About A Boy

When? Dec 19 at 6.30pm

Tickets on sale for all the screenings on The Light House website now so round up a few mates, grab a bag of popcorn and pretend you're a kid again!

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