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05th Jul 2017

This Crazy New Yoga Trend Needs To Come To Dublin


First we had hot yoga (because sweating profusely is trendy, right?), then there was laughing yoga, aerial yoga, and acrobatic partner yoga – made popular by the extremely photogenic cast of Made in Chelsea.

But what if we told you that the latest yoga trend involves relaxing stretching movements with an ice cold beer in hold?

Yes, heaven exists.

The craze originated in the States, as all crazes do, with yogis across the globe incorporating the fresh taste of beer into their classes to add an extra sense of ‘mindfulness’.

“It adds a little bit more extra relaxation because a lot of people tend to be very tense when they come. Especially their first time,” yoga teacher Guzel Mursalimova told Business Insider UK.

“The goal is to make people stress-free, relaxed, happy, and if this means that you would have to incorporate beer I think that’s perfectly fine and I think that’s encouraged.”

You sip as you stretch, and even balance the bottle on your head in Tree Pose.

Makes sense I guess? Both are centuries-old forms of relaxation, so why not combine the two.

Although we’re guessing more than one beer in the class and the only pose we could do properly is flat out on the floor.

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