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This Dublin Gal Received The Rudest Email Ever While House Hunting

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The housing crisis is a bit of a bloody nightmare at the moment: people are arriving in droves to view one house and poor souls are being left to either couch surf or commute for the time being. 

Sending copious amounts of emails talking about yourself and your interest in a room can become tedious, which is exactly how one Lovin Dublin reader felt when she found herself house hunting. 

She came across a nice apartment in Sandyford, which requested a paragraph about herself, her age, interests and hobbies. The description also included a lengthy bio about the tenant currently in the property.

He highlighted his interest in the cinema, politics and was looking for a friend rather than a roommate. He requested for the new tenant to be “TIDY” and talkative who cares about history and oh, did he mention they have to be TIDY?

Our reader replied with a brief description:

Daft 1

Though this email wasn’t as detailed as the account given by the current tenant in the description, it got the point across, she included her profession and her interest in the room.

If the reader is anything like us, we presume she expected to tell a little bit more about herself during the viewing and keep personal details to herself until that point.  

This email however, did not sit well with the receiver. 

He then sent a very rude reply, which we just cannot get over:

Daft 2

We can’t really decide whether this is a little over the top or just downright hilarious. One thing is for sure though, he did not get a response from our reader nor did she have any interest in being his new roomie.

For now, we wish our reader the best of luck in the hunt for her new forever home. 

If you have any stories like this, be sure to send it our way and it could be featured on our site!

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