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This Is How Much You Need To Earn A Year To Afford A One-Bedroom Flat In Dublin

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We all know that rent doesn’t come cheap in Dublin, and a new study has revealed the shocking amount of money you need to earn each year to have your own one-bed flat to yourself.

According to the survey conducted by global housing website, Nestpick, renters in Dublin would need a salary of around €42,000 a year to afford a one bedroom flat – which is one of the highest rates in Europe.

The Independent reported that the average monthly rent for a furnished apartment in the capital is €1,035 and that the monthly minimum salary required to rent a single-person furnished apartment was €3,568.

A report from The Expat City Ranking 2017 which was released earlier this year classed Dublin as the second-worst major city in Europe in terms of quality of life which included the high cost of living.

So if you’re looking to call a place your own without any flat mates to help cut the cost of rent – it might cost you quite a lot of your wages.

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