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Do You Reckon This Groom Can Pull Off A New York-Themed Wedding?

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If you’re looking for some serious car-crash television this evening, Don’t Tell The Bride is just the thing for you. This evening on RTÉ Two you’ll get to watch the painstakingly awkward scenario of a groom organising the wedding without any help from his bride-to-be.

In this week’s episode Dean Monaham is planning a New York-themed wedding in Tullamore, after he proposed to her 10 years ago at the top of the Empire State Building. Now, we’re no experts but we reckon that a proposal that good would set some pretty high expectations for the big day! We’re willing to put money on the fact that there’ll be some tears, a few meltdowns and quite possibly a dodgy dress. Buckle up, RTÉ Two, 9pm…

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